Title: Bodybuilding for Weight Loss: Facts About Weight Loss Through Body Building That You Did Not Know About
Author: James Eaton
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages:  56
Genre: Health and Fitness
Reviewed by: Roger Kirk

Hollywood Book Reviews

James Eaton eliminated any “fat” in his book by just concentrating on the facts of diet and exercise. No descriptive fluff about counting reps or psychology about the Zen of exercise, nor theories about the addiction to junk food – like so many other books in this genre claim to profess. Bodybuilding for Weight Loss cuts right to the points you need to know in a terse, honest and knowledgeable way readers will respect.

The galley text of the e-book is spaciously laid out, using a rather large font and spaced with photographs of a very fit man and woman demonstrating the various exercises. However the exercise portion of the book is rather trite and only introductory, showing just the basic upper body and lower body starter routines. The main thrust of the book deals with nutrition and diet, and as such Eaton gets right to the F.A.B. – Features, Advantages and Benefits of selected foods.

For example, he deals with the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Did you know that consuming just one tablespoon per day will result in about losing 3 pounds in a month? Or even two tablespoons will likely double that weight loss? Plus the health benefits are considerable, from helping prevent the absorption of unhealthy bacteria (due to the acid level) to aiding in the reduction of blood sugar levels; a benefit especially important to pre-diabetic or people afflicted with type 2 diabetes. Other “magic” foods include tomatoes, asparagus, garlic – and the #1 best thing to consume…water.

Sounds simple, right? It is. Keeping to the basics such as single ingredient meals, and spreading them out over 5 or 6 smaller meals per day, will provide your body with a continuous source of energy without causing your body to make and store fat.  These dietary steps, along with the exercise program, necessitates Bodybuilding for Weight Loss as a “must read” for those beginning a gym membership wishing to shed those extra pounds and tighten up their muscles. This book should be a prerequisite for embarking on a healthy lifestyle change, or as a gift for someone who needs to learn simple, proven dietary changes – without the hype and theories of “why” people are overweight. James Eaton says you might not achieve the sculptured body illustrated in the photographs because not everyone is built to get into that degree of body-fat-to-weight ratio, but everyone will see results and weight loss just days into following his guidelines. That works for me!

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