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Title: Conflux: Threat From the Troika Author: William Brazzel Publisher: Balboa Press ISBN: TBA Pages: 306 Genre: Fiction, Action/Adventure Reviewed by: Susan Brown Hollywood Book Reviews Get ready for some fast-paced, action-packed reading in this page-turner that pits a veteran Special Forces officer, now an investigative journalist, against an extremist group hell-bent on destroying

Tickling Chanterelle

Title: Tickling Chanterelle Author: George Bricker Publisher: Toplink Publishing ISBN: 978-1946801951 Pages: 342 Genre: Mystery Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert Hollywood Book Reviews George Bricker's Tickling Chanterelle takes readers on a literary excursion back in time to 1937 Hollywood, where the young stars of a mystery radio show find themselves entwined

The Old Brick

Title: The Old Brick Author: Judy Lennington Publisher: Toplink Publishing, LLC ISBN: 978-1947620797 Pages: 432 Genre: Fiction Reviewed by: Susan Milam Awarded to books of excellent Merit In The Old Brick, author Judy Lennington depicts the adjustments a family must make after moving to a small town in Ohio. With a

Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective

Title: Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective Author: Herman L. Hinton Publisher: Toplink Publishing ISBN: 978-1948262040 Pages: 406 Genre: Crime Fiction Reviewed by: Matt Hurd Hollywood Book Reviews Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective is a unique, bittersweet read. It has a somewhat unusual approach to the typically familiar genre of mystery

When We Were Young

Title: When We Were Young Author: Antony Smith Publisher: Toplink Publishing Pages: 648 Genre: Historical Fiction Reviewed by: Ella Vincent Hollywood Book Reviews Awarded to books of excellent Merit When We Were Young is an intriguing and exciting journey of a cross-generational story of love and family. Antony Smith has written a

Sardinian Silver

Title: Sardinian Silver Author:  A. Colin Wright Publisher: Toplink Publishing ISBN: 978-1947938830 Pages: 200 Genre: Adult Fiction/Travel Reviewed by: Jessica Schmidt Hollywood Book Reviews Awarded to books of excellent Merit Sardinian Silver is a mixture of historical fiction, romance and a relatable coming of age story. Author A. Colin Wright treats the reader to

The Matriarch Matrix

Title: The Matriarch Matrix Author: Maxime Trencavel Publisher: Tail of the Bird Books ISBN: 978-0999335017 Pages: 599 Genre: Religious Mystery / Science Fiction Metaphysical & Visionary Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger Scott Hollywood Book Reviews Linking three different people to an ancient past and the near-future fear of world war, The Matriarch Matrix

The Great Lakes Plaza and Other Short Stories

Title: The Great Lakes Plaza and Other Short Stories Author: Douglas Bosack Publisher: Toplink Publishing ISBN: 9781635246193 Pages: 296 Genre: Short Stories Reviewed by: Christa Hill Hollywood Book Reviews Douglas Bosack builds richly imaged worlds and tangible imagery of places that I have never been in his collection titled The Great Lakes

An Iceberg’s Gift

Title: An Iceberg’s Gift Author: Donald F. Averill Publisher: Toplink Publishing ISBN: 9781947938258 Pages: 254 Genre: Fiction & Literature Reviewed by: Anita Lock Hollywood Book Reviews It is spring and brothers Luka and Rolan Ivanov, both in their twenties, are on their fishing boat constantly keeping their eyes open for a way

A Past Life

Title: A Past Life: As Told by Brave Hawk Author:  Dond Sylvain Publisher: Toplink Publishing ISBN: 978-1947620049 Pages: 154 Genre: Non-Fiction Reviewed by: Susan Milam   Hollywood Book Reviews Awarded to books of excellent Merit In A Past Life, author Dond Sylvain chronicles his journey as Brave Hawk. He receives the name