Title: Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective
Author: Herman L. Hinton
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1948262040
Pages: 406
Genre: Crime Fiction
Reviewed by: Matt Hurd

Hollywood Book Reviews

Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective is a unique, bittersweet read. It has a somewhat unusual approach to the typically familiar genre of mystery and crime fiction, which will certainly make readers sit up and take notice. Hidden Relationships is the story of Trey, the son of a homicide detective and the discoveries he makes about his father’s life and work after a terrible accident. Trey has always known his father was a good cop and a good man – but when he finds a mysterious phone with only seven numbers programmed in, he finds himself on a journey of discovery which will teach him more about his father and the world than he ever expected. Author Herman L. Hinton’s approach (making Trey his main character, rather than his detective father) provides the reader with an interesting avenue into an oft-examined area in fiction: unsolved cases.

A standout element of this novel is the characters. Trey is a mix of driven and innocent – a perfect character to set against the backdrop of a world filled with loss, crime, and unanswered questions. Trey’s “partner in crime,” Teresa, serves both as a foil to Trey and a strong, interesting character in her own right. It’s particularly notable that Hinton introduces Theresa as a character with a major physical disability – but does not allow that to define or constrain her character.

One element of the novel which proves to be a double-edged sword is the dialogue. On the positive side, each character has a unique voice. It’s clear the author knows each of their characters inside and out. Where this becomes a bit of a stumbling block is in the length of the book. At over 400 pages, and only divided into 19 chapters, it’s quite a tome and the dialogue occasionally becomes so extensive it borders on overwritten. However, that’s a subjective opinion, and many readers may find that, as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.”

In the end, Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective is a sprawling tale which deserves to be told. The author clearly knows and has a deep appreciation for the world he’s showing the reader. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious, as the story is one which readers will be enriched, entertained and enlightened by.

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