Title: You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles
Author: Suzanne Eglington
Publisher: 2016, Xlibris
ISBN: 9781514472767
Pages: 500, Paperback
Genre: Erotic Romance

Reviewed by: Anita Lock

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In the second book of Suzanne Eglington’s steamy series, You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles, The Beckhams enter full throttle in nearly non-stop seductive episodes during their four-day honeymoon in San Diego. Settling into the novelty of married life on their return home, there are other new events that unfold, such as Kate meeting Robert’s amicable Irish mom and strikingly handsome British dad, as well as Robert’s pretentious mother-in-law; Kate’s matchmaking opportunities leading to her sister’s engagement to Robert’s SWAT cousin; Kate and Robert’s wedding reception party; and their visits to Ireland and England—to name just a few.

Kate and Robert are totally consumed with each other. Even though their short relationship and rushed wedding didn’t leave much time beforehand for Kate to learn about her new husband, she nonetheless willingly follows Robert’s lead by quitting her nursing job to stay at home and by allowing him to plan when it’s time to start a family. Focused only on her overprotective stud, Kate shrugs off Robert’s oddities as “normal”since his suave persona as well as his obsessive tendencies with Kate cushions his rapacious sexual appetite. Indeed, their salacious scenes begin to look more like lust than love, especially when Robert incorporates BDSM into their love interludes. Although there is more to Robert that Kate doesn’t know about, a strange nightclub incident, which ignites Robert’s “psycho” side, opens a door for Kate to get just a glimpse into Robert’s dark past.

Eglington adds a twisted dimension into the genre of erotica literature in the Kate and Robert Chronicles. Eglington combines the strong bond she has created between Kate and Robert—her principal characters—with a slow moving yet captivating plot. While audiences are quickly caught up into Kate and Robert’s intense relationship during Inceptions, the first book in the series, You and I delves further into The Beckham’s idealistic world, using Robert’s impressive police work and plenty of familial wealth on both sides as plot backdrops. Between an overabundance of sex and a seemingly carefree lifestyle, life doesn’t get any better than that for a newly married couple.

Indeed, Eglington’s hefty narrative exudes an all things happy-go-lucky ambience, which includes other blossoming relationships among her supporting cast and quick peeks into the landscapes and highlights of Ireland and England. Amid the blithe surroundings, Eglington throws her readers off by subtly shifting her plot—punctuating it with unnerving and totally unexpected moments, which are not necessarily limited to erotic scenes. Yet Eglington’s slow build up is unnerving in its own right as she closes with a stunning cliffhanger in preparation for the next book in her series, Beckham 101: The Kate and Robert Chronicles.

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