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Title: Conflux: Threat From the Troika
Author: William Brazzel
Publisher: Balboa Press
Pages: 306
Genre: Fiction, Action/Adventure
Reviewed by: Susan Brown

Hollywood Book Reviews

Get ready for some fast-paced, action-packed reading in this page-turner that pits a veteran Special Forces officer, now an investigative journalist, against an extremist group hell-bent on destroying the U.S. democracy. And that’s just a summary of the action. The story’s nitty gritty is even more exciting.

Protagonist Sean Carrol, a reporter for the New York International News, is thrust into a drama set in motion by Deutsche Christen, a paramilitary organization with German origins operating in the United States, when it kidnaps

Tickling Chanterelle

Title: Tickling Chanterelle
Author: George Bricker
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1946801951
Pages: 342
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Hollywood Book Reviews

George Bricker’s Tickling Chanterelle takes readers on a literary excursion back in time to 1937 Hollywood, where the young stars of a mystery radio show find themselves entwined in a web of real life intrigue as mystery, murder and exciting adventure, intersect. Set in Hollywood, 1937, with the golden age of radio still somewhat viable, as a form of entertainment. As it happens, two young up and coming radio actors Norman Felskin and Betsy Poldosky are working on a Radio show pilot; The

The Old Brick

Title: The Old Brick
Author: Judy Lennington
Publisher: Toplink Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 978-1947620797
Pages: 432
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by: Susan Milam

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

In The Old Brick, author Judy Lennington depicts the adjustments a family must make after moving to a small town in Ohio. With a deft hand, Ms. Lennington portrays the different perspectives that each family member brings to the move. In addition, the folks who populate the small town and the town itself come to life within the

Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective

Title: Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective
Author: Herman L. Hinton
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1948262040
Pages: 406
Genre: Crime Fiction
Reviewed by: Matt Hurd

Hollywood Book Reviews

Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective is a unique, bittersweet read. It has a somewhat unusual approach to the typically familiar genre of mystery and crime fiction, which will certainly make readers sit up and take notice. Hidden Relationships is the story of Trey, the son of a homicide detective and the discoveries he makes about his father’s life and work after a terrible accident. Trey has always known his father was a good cop and a good

When We Were Young

Title: When We Were Young
Author: Antony Smith
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
Pages: 648
Genre: Historical Fiction
Reviewed by: Ella Vincent

Hollywood Book Reviews

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

When We Were Young is an intriguing and exciting journey of a cross-generational story of love and family. Antony Smith has written a story that will take readers on an adventure. This book tells the story of the Mitchell family, a British family that is surviving the devastation of World War II. Jim Mitchell becomes the

Sardinian Silver

Title: Sardinian Silver
Author:  A. Colin Wright
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1947938830
Pages: 200
Genre: Adult Fiction/Travel
Reviewed by: Jessica Schmidt

Hollywood Book Reviews

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

Sardinian Silver is a mixture of historical fiction, romance and a relatable coming of age story. Author A. Colin Wright treats the reader to stories of a young man’s escapades working as a foreigner in a remote part of Italy. He paints beautiful scenes of Sardinia and surrounding areas, capturing the highs and lows of navigating a foreign

The Matriarch Matrix

Title: The Matriarch Matrix
Author: Maxime Trencavel
Publisher: Tail of the Bird Books
ISBN: 978-0999335017
Pages: 599
Genre: Religious Mystery / Science Fiction Metaphysical & Visionary
Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger Scott

Hollywood Book Reviews

Linking three different people to an ancient past and the near-future fear of world war, The Matriarch Matrix provides a rich mix of science, sin and star-crossed romance.

Peter is a tech-savvy guy traumatized by bizarre mental images and the imminent prospect of his grandfather’s death in the real world of 2021.   As he lies on his deathbed, the old man repeats to Peter the tenets of a family oral tradition connecting a

The Great Lakes Plaza and Other Short Stories

Title: The Great Lakes Plaza and Other Short Stories
Author: Douglas Bosack
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 9781635246193
Pages: 296
Genre: Short Stories
Reviewed by: Christa Hill

Hollywood Book Reviews

Douglas Bosack builds richly imaged worlds and tangible imagery of places that I have never been in his collection titled The Great Lakes Plaza and Other Short Stories. In the story ‘A Victim of Circumstance’ he pulled me into the landscape where Frank is with his descriptions of the ocean water, birds, and boats. The story is literally named and was engaging from start to finish.

These stories have well-crafted characters that speak to each person’s inner dreamer,

An Iceberg’s Gift

Title: An Iceberg’s Gift
Author: Donald F. Averill
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 9781947938258
Pages: 254
Genre: Fiction & Literature
Reviewed by: Anita Lock

Hollywood Book Reviews

It is spring and brothers Luka and Rolan Ivanov, both in their twenties, are on their fishing boat constantly keeping their eyes open for a way to help Arina, their sister; she dreams of leaving Provideniya in Eastern Siberia and studying astronomy in the United States. It is during this boating trip that they discover a small WWII airplane—complete with a dead pilot and his canine companion—frozen in an iceberg. After the boys share their secret with Arina and eventually

A Past Life

Title: A Past Life: As Told by Brave Hawk
Author:  Dond Sylvain
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1947620049
Pages: 154
Genre: Non-Fiction
Reviewed by: Susan Milam


Hollywood Book Reviews

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

In A Past Life, author Dond Sylvain chronicles his journey as Brave Hawk. He receives the name when welcomed into a Native American tribe during one of his many former lives. Mr. Sylvain recounts his story as part of his mission to convince non-believers that reincarnation exists.

Born into a Catholic family, Mr.

Bless Me Indeed

Title: Bless Me Indeed: Discover the Secret of Success Through a Bold and Powerful Prayer of Jabez
Author:  Janet Kisyombe
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1947620490
Pages: 106
Genre: Religious/Advice
Reviewed by: Ella Vincent

Hollywood Book Reviews

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

Bless Me Indeed is an inspiring and hopeful self-help book from Janet Kisyombe. Her Biblical-based advice is derived from a short passage which will leave a large impression on readers. Kisyombe offers advice from the short but impactful Bible verse about Jabez in the

The Kuiper Belt Deception

Title: The Kuiper Belt Deception
Author: Donald F. Averill
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
ISBN: 978-1946801975
Pages: 284
Genre: Science Fiction
Reviewed by: Joe Kilgore

Pacific Book Review

The best science fiction novels find a way to have just the right mix between science and fiction. Too much science and not enough fiction and you lose the humanity that is needed for emotional involvement. Too much fiction and not enough science and you lose the credibility needed to make the story intellectually involving. Fortunately, author Donald F. Averill does a good job of mixing his key ingredients in The Kuiper Belt Deception, a story of strange goings-on both

Cactus Jumpers

Title: Cactus Jumpers
Author: Andrew Burch
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4809-1207-6
Pages: 346
Genre: Western
Reviewed by: John Murray

Hollywood Book Reviews

The western genre has lasted so long for a good reason. While these books feature the cliché macho heroes, six shooters blazing, horseback chases, and stark landscapes, the main appeal is the triumph of good over evil. A code of morality and one man who stands against what he knows to be wrong. Cactus Jumpers by Andrew Burch continues that tradition beautifully.

Emerald, California serves as the dusty backdrop. It’s a relatively small town but populated with a variety of colorful characters. The starring cast is Skip Traeger, Moss Williams, and Emmett Brady.

You Have Been Chosen

Title: You Have Been Chosen: The Identity of an Adopted Child
Author: Mary Nyambura Muchiri
Publisher: Toplink Publishing
Pages: 128
Genre: Memoir/ Christian
ISBN: 978-1946801395
Reviewed by: Ella Vincent

Hollywood Book Reviews

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

You Have Been Chosen: The Identity of an Adopted Child is an inspiring and heartfelt look at adoption through the eyes of author Mary Nyambura Muchiri, as she tells a loving story about her journey to adopt her son. Muchiri starts from how she rose from

For Beau

Title: For Beau: The Sarah Ashdown Story
Author: Simon Gandossi
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 9781524519889
Pages: 435
Genre: Historical Fiction
Reviewed By: Anita Lock

Pacific Book Review

It is September 7, 2009, sixty-nine years since the Blitz—Hitler’s sustained aerial bombing campaign against Britain during the Battle of Britain (WWII). The date may seem inconsequential to many, except to those who lived through that horrific period. One person who remembers is Sarah Ashdown. Now elderly and fragile, Sarah meets with journalist Daniel Warwick at a local TV station. The station recently gets wind of her story and plans to air it on its current affairs program. Sarah begins

Poor No More – An American Dream

Title: Poor No More: An American Dream
Author: Steven Bentley, MD
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1-5320-1161-1
Pages: 196
Genre: Memoir
Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger Scott


Hollywood Book Reviews

Despite a deprived, dysfunctional upbringing, author Steven Bentley realized his dream to rise to personal and professional fulfillment as chromized in Poor No More – An American Dream. One of Bentley’s early memories is of his alcoholic mother, divorced and desperate, taking her five children to church, getting “saved,” appealing for assistance for her desperate brood…and then doing it all over again at another church…and another. She once set a car on fire by smoking in a drunken stupor.


Trail of the Sasquatch, a shaman’s journey

Title: Trail of the Sasquatch, a shaman’s journey
Author: Donald B. Young, Jr.
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1504986151
Pages: 370
Genre: Non-Fiction
Reviewed By: Susan Milan

Hollywood Book Reviews

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

In Trail of the Sasquatch, a shaman’s journey, Donald B. Young, Jr. chronicles his quest to fulfill his destiny as a holy man. In addition, Mr. Young describes the monumental contributions he has made to the catalog of Sasquatch lore, as well as the lore of other cryptids. Written in

Let’s Make Our World Better

Title: Let’s Make Our World Better: How Politics and Religion Stand in the Way
Author: Warren William Luce
Publisher: Green Ivy Publishing
ISBN: 979-1-946043-92-4
Pages: 253
Genre: Politics /Philosophy/Religion
Reviewed by: Ella Vincent

Hollywood Book Reviews

“Let’s Make Our World Better” is a thought-provoking look at how to improve politics. Warren William Luce offers some common sense solutions to bring together a divided nation.

Luce is a World War II veteran who has years of experience in world affairs. His views on how to improve national and international issues are unique and inspiring as well. Luce has a mixture of liberal and conservative views. Though

How Smoking Quit Me

Title: How Smoking Quit Me
Author: James J. McGill
Publisher: Venture Publishing LLC
ISBN: 978-1-946955-94-4
Pages: 52
Genre: Non-Fiction / Education
Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Hollywood Book Reviews

Breaking the addiction to smoking is never an easy task. There are so many excuses for not quitting while conversely, there are just as many justifications to quit. However, whereas some may quit successfully boasting of awe-inspiring feats of willpower others may find that they remain stuck in a continual fluctuation struggling to break the addiction with a self-imposed evil that seems almost inescapable.

Nonetheless, there is hope for those trapped in quitter’s perpetude and author James J. McGill

The Noble Rebellion

Title: The Noble Rebellion
Author: Joshua G. Fensterstock
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-7661-9
Pages: 432
Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by: John Murray

Hollywood Book Reviews

As Shakespeare once wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” For those that are born great or achieve greatness, their future is fairly clear. They’ve worked hard or have been prepared for that path. The most interesting one is the person whom greatness is thrust upon. What do they do with that newfound power and responsibility?

In “The Noble Rebellion” by Joshua G. Fensterstock, such a scenario plays out. After a botched assassination attempt, newly

The Other La Bohème

Title: The Other La Bohème
Author: Yorker Keith
Publisher: Bookbaby
ISBN: 9781483591995
Pages: 366
Genre: Literary Fiction

Reviewed by: Susan Brown

Hollywood Book Reviews

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

Sing on! That’s the rallying cry of four friends, all of whom are struggling opera singers trying to make a living in the competitive environment of New York City’s professional opera milieu, and are characters in Yorker Keith’s current novel, The Other La Bohème. Much like Alexander Dumas’ The Three

Nightmare in the Limbo of Halloween

Title: Nightmare in the Limbo of Halloween
Author: Behzad Almasi
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN: 978-1-50493-484-8
Pages: 246
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by: Dan MacIntosh

Hollywood Book Review

Behzad Almasi’s fantastic book, Nightmare in the Limbo of Halloween, was said to have taken eight years to write. It certainly does have an epic feel to the book. It’s much like an Albert Camus philosophical story, in that our main character is thrown into a world where much does not make sense and little is fair. The absurdity of it all is an observation that our main man makes again and again. We never learn our protagonist’s

To Never Know

Title: To Never Know
Author: Thomas Duffy
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781536898385
Pages: 206
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger Scott

Hollywood Book Reviews

To Never Know by author Thomas Duffy is the story of love lost, found and lost again, as a young man is trying to break free from his troubled past.

When we first encounter Steve Lewis, he is a senior in high school in New York City. He is a bit shy, lacking in confidence even though he achieves good grades. He’s just not like the other kids, and doesn’t have a date to the prom. This small fact is the hinge

Wall Street Kitchen

Title: Wall Street Kitchen: The Recipe Behind a Housewife’s 1000% Stock Return
Author: Victor Chiu
Publisher: TBA
ISBN: 9780994911506
Pages: 244
Genre: Business – Investing /Self Help

Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Hollywood Book Reviews

Awarded to books of excellent Merit

Ordinarily, success investing in the stock market, for the average person may seem to be well out of reach. Moreover, many people foster the belief that without a cache of disposable funds, a high level of education, extensive training or a God-sent stretch of good luck, a successful venture in investing is just not plausible.


Title: Heartbreaker
Author:  Thomas Duffy
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1517416539
Pages: 183
Genre: Fiction-Thriller

Reviewed by: CC Thomas

Hollywood Book Reviews

Amber Robertson is one red-hot mess, from beginning to end. Amber is a 19-year-old who has just moved to New York City in order to make more out of her life. Without much of a plan, she moves in with a friend and then scrambles wildly trying to make the rent money. The Big Apple is too much of a big temptation and Amber is soon arrested and behind bars for shoplifting. While in jail, she cozies up to a prostitute and discovers there are better